MexiKandy, a new candy store specializing in Mexican treats and beverages



In the last month, a new candy store specializing in treats, beverages and other snacks opened at 375 S. Maize Road called MexiKandy.

It’s a little shop near Maple and Maize Road that imports goods from all over Mexico and various countries in South America. They also sell products produced locally but have a Mexican flair to them.

MexiKandy had plenty of different sodas and juices from Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina and other countries.

Chips, carne seca, sauces, and candy filled the rest of the shelves.


I dropped by a week or two after they opened and was told they were still waiting on more shipments to arrive to fill the shelves.

It’s a unique store and something Wichita hasn’t seen since Señor Munchies was around.

MexiKandy is located at 375 S. Maize Road. Store hours are 9:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday through Saturday. You can also visit them on the web, Facebook or call 720-569-6899.

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