Pho King ICT will reopen this weekend with a new Pho King menu

Pho King ICT

Late last year, the Vietnamese restaurant, Pho King ICT, closed not long after they made the controversial decision to remove pho from the menu. They then replaced it with chicken dishes like sweet & sour chicken, general Tso chicken and popcorn chicken. It was an ill-fated move that didn’t last long.

Now, months later, it looks like the restaurant will reopen at 4857 E. Harry and return to its roots.

Pho King ICT will reopen on Sunday, January 28 with a brand-new menu that includes pho. So those who walked into Pho King ICT and saw only chicken on the menu will no longer say, “Are you pho king kidding me?”.

When pho was first removed and replace with chicken, replies on the business’s Facebook account said the change was because of the kitchen space and added flexibility. The new menu now includes pho, soups consisting of lobster tail and other meats, fried rice and lo mein dishes, pad thai, and other appetizers. It’s an interesting move to have an even bigger menu than before, unless a renovation was made in the kitchen.

Stay tuned for a first look at the new change for Pho King ICT and more puns with pho and king put together.

Here’s the new menu:

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