Apparently Take 5 Car Wash will be… Club Car Wash

Club Car Wash

Either it’s a huge prank being pulled or it’s the craziest car wash news in town. It appears that the Take 5 Car Wash that closed this month at 2965 N. Maize Road will be a Club Car Wash.

A Club Car Wash sign that says, “closing for renovations” is now up on the Take 5 Car Wash building.

Club Car Wash

If it’s true, it’ll be an interesting move for one of the largest car washes in town.

There is already a Club Car Wash at 3610 North Maize Road, just a mile north of where Take 5 was.

Under Club Car Wash’s upcoming locations on their website, nothing has been confirmed for this new space. It just feels so odd that two of the same car washes would be this close.

Would it be a big shocker, though? Perhaps not. Mexican restaurants are lined up what feels like next door to each other on north Broadway. So, what Mexican restaurants are to Broadway, car washes are to Maize Road… along with chicken restaurants and nail salons.

If this is some crazy prank, kudos to the sign maker. Stay tuned for more.

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