Checking out 99-cent wing day at Whiskey Dicks

Whiskey Dicks

It’s been a while since I’ve popped into Whiskey Dicks on a Sunday, so I made a quick visit to one of the most underrated bars for food to see what was on special.

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According to the specials list, Whiskey Dicks has 99-cent wings on Sunday. I can always get down on wings, so that’s what I ordered.

After looking through the multiple sauce options, I went with 15 wings with the Nashville hot, Bulleit BBQ and Caribbean jerk sauces. Just in case that wasn’t enough, I had the poutine fries topped with brown gravy and cheese curds. This was my reasoning for gaining a few pounds over the weekend.

Whiskey Dicks

Of all the sauces, the Caribbean jerk was my favorite. I loved the flavor and the bit of heat in each bite. The Nashville hot was also an excellent choice. There really wasn’t a dinky wing in my basket, nearly all of them were extremely meaty. Let’s say, ordering 15 wings was probably overkill for my appetite.

Also, the poutine was exceptional. As a huge brown gravy lover, I can vouch for this appetizer as a fantastic starter to any meal at Whiskey Dick’s. The fries weren’t soggy and held its own being smothered in that delicious gravy.

All of this was no real surprise to me, as Whiskey Dicks has been putting out phenomenal food for quite some time now. 99-cent wings are hard to beat!

Here’s part of the menu:

Whiskey Dicks

Whiskey Dicks

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