My first time taking a charcuterie class with Rent the Chef

Charcuterie Class
at Rent the Chef

Rent the Chef Charcuterie Class

For Valentine’s Day, we attended a charcuterie class taught by Rent the Chef Jason Febres as well as Annette Daniels with Authentic Expressions.

It was a nice break from the norm of going out to a restaurant on one of the busiest days of the year.

The class took place inside Rent the Chef’s commercial kitchen space in Valley Center.

During the class, the theme was making rose-shaped creations out of pepperoni and salami. Admittedly, my experience with charcuterie is opening a package of Lunchables for my daughter. Plus, I’m not a real artsy person, so this was outside my wheelhouse. But the allure of dinner and wine was enough to twist my arm.

To my surprise, it turned out to be a fun little experience making rose petals that we could potentially do again when we have guests over. Everybody in attendance got in on the hands on date night charcuterie class. People brought bottles of wine.

Both Febres and Daniels taught the class a couple of different ways of making roses. It was very hands-on, which is right up my alley as I can’t just watch someone do something.

They then showed us how to take Instagram worthy photos because lords knows I’m as bad at taking photos as I am writing without grammar mistakes.

Rent the Chef Charcuterie Class

And then we filled a table with all of our designs and ate charcuterie for the evening.

We had a ton of fun. It was a good break from the norm and a nice escape for two parents to get out of the house. This is highly encouraged for those adventurous folks who have a thirst for doing different things.

To find out when the next classes will be, be sure to follow Rent the Chef on Facebook.

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