First Look at The Momo Stop

The Momo Stop

A new food truck opened at the tail end of 2023 called The Momo Stop. It’s a new truck that, according to their Facebook, “brings you the authentic taste of the Himalayas to Wichita.”

6222 E 21st St. N., Wichita, KS 67208

Cash/Card Accepted

Momos are nothing new to Wichita. They can be found at another restaurant specializing in food from the Himalayas, Himali Eats. I’m all for diversity in our food truck scene, so visiting the Momo Stop has been high on my list. This truck can be found at 6222 E. 21st St. N. which is near the northwest corner of 21st and Woodlawn.

First off, some of you may be asking one of two questions. 1.) Why am I wasting my time reading this or 2.) What are momos.

The answer to question one is this is like a bad car wreck, you can’t help but look. For question 2, momos are a type of steamed filled dumpling. They are very popular in Tibetan and Nepali cuisine. 

During my stop, I ordered an 8-piece chicken steamed momo which ran $7.99. It was ready in about 10 minutes.

Who doesn’t like dumplings? I found them to be quite delicious. It had a bit of a curry aftertaste, which I enjoyed. 8 pieces were good to snack on, but definitely didn’t fill me up. While I liked them, I’m not necessarily sure driving out of my way just for momos would be something high on my radar. They did have other dishes, like chicken fried rice, so that’s something I’ll have to consider on a future visit.

Probably the biggest drawback to checking out the Momo Stop is finding their hours. They don’t post when they’ll be out on Facebook, nor do they share it on their Instagram feed. If they don’t submit the schedule to our Wichita Food Truck Calendar, then the only way to find them is to view their Instagram stories. I found that to be a questionable and interesting tactic to only share their schedule in stories.

Most of the time you can find The Momo Stop at 6222 E. 21st St. or at Tall Oaks apartment. The hours may vary, though.

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Here’s their menu:

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