Here’s what I thought about KFC’s Chizza, a chicken and pizza mashup

KFC Chizza

It’s not pizza, it’s not chicken, and frankly, it’s not that good. It’s Kentucky Fried Chicken’s latest limited time dish, called the Chizza.

The latest fusion dish brings pizza and fried chicken together to KFC stores all over the country. This mashup debuted in Wichita, KS this week, and the sucker for fast food gimmicks stopped by. That sucker is me.

This fast food item originally debuted in the Philippines in 2015. From there, this delicacy made its way around the world to Korea, Taiwan, India, Thailand, Germany, Spain, and Mexico. I think every single country eventually passed on it and said, “Just give that crap to the United States, those people love this type of stuff.” So, here we are… and here I am at KFC.

KFC Chizza

A half-order of Chizza consists of two 100% white meat extra crispy fried chicken filets smothered in zesty marinara sauce and topped with melty mozzarella cheese and crispy pepperoni slices. For $6.99, it can be yours, or you can double up like I did and get a full Chizza for $11.99.

My first bite into the Chizza and it really was just a piece of chicken with a few toppings on it. The flavor profile was similar to that of a chicken parmigiana, but the driest chicken parmigiana you’ve ever had.

KFC Chizza

I think whoever made mine Chizza thought to themselves, “Where can I find the driest chicken filet in all of Wichita?” That person found it, lazily doused it in marinara, put some mozzarella over the top, along with three pieces of pepperoni per filet and laughed at who was going to order it.

Seriously, every single bottled water in Dillons wouldn’t have been enough to cure my mouth from how dry it was.

KFC Chizza

The thought of a Chizza was a good one, but the execution was a major let down.

KFC’s slogan is “it’s finger lickin’ good”. That’s funny because I think my finger would have tasted better. Until next time…

Happy Dining,

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