Checking out the take & bake pizzas from ALDI

During a trip to ALDI, I picked up a large list of highly suggested items; one of those was a take & bake pizza.

The technical brand name was Mamma Cozzi’s Pizza Kitchen, which I guess is one of the house brand names for ALDI similar to what Great Value would be for Walmart. Except Mamma Cozzi’s has a more enticing ring to it than Great Value Pizza.

After looking at the flavor options at ALDI, they were out of supreme, so I settled on a thin crust sausage & pepperoni.

Aldi Take & Bake Pizza

The pizza was just under $8 for a 16-inch pizza; not bad at all.

Upon arriving home, I popped the pizza into the oven for roughly 16 minutes.

The first thing we noticed was the toppings weren’t evenly spread throughout the pizza. There was a high concentration of pepperoni on one side of the pizza. On the bright side, the toppings stayed intact and at never fell off the pizza.

Next, we all took note of the cracker-thin crust.

There was a nice crunch to the crust while still being a fairly floppy slice of pizza. If cut in big slices, the pizza was easily foldable.

There were about four of us who tried it and we really had no complaints. We were all pleasantly surprised with the ALDI pizza.

The sauce had a pleasant sweet flavor, but not so overpowering. The light amount of cheese over the top, melted quite nicely to hold the pizza together.

It’s a frozen pizza and expectations are always to be tempered, but we were fans of this one. If the toppings were spread evenly it would have been even better. But overall, it fed our family and some and made for an easy, affordable meal.

I will return for the supreme one.

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