Cata Las Delicias, a food truck, specializing in Venezuelan cuisine

Cata Las Delicias

Cata Las Delicias

Across the street from the Pawnee & Broadway Walmart in the Braums parking lot at 328 E. Pawnee, you’ll find Cata Las Delicias. They specialize in a cuisine rarely found in Wichita, Venezuelan food.

328 E Pawnee St., Wichita, KS 67211
Cash/Card Accepted

This was my third attempt in visiting Cata Las Delicias. Their hours aren’t too clear, difficult to find on their Facebook page and typically shared in the stories of the food truck’s Instagram page. Not exactly the most efficient way to share when you’re open, so hopefully they make it easier for future customers to find out what days and hours they are open.

During my visit to Cata Las Delicias, I asked them what Venezuelan dishes they recommended. I was given two suggestions, the pepito and an arepa.

For those unfamiliar with Venezuelan food, the pepito is a sandwich prepared with beef, pork, or chicken. It is a common street food in Venezuela which is actually available at a handful of restaurants in Wichita. Then there’s an arepa which is even harder to find in Wichita. It’s a dish made with a special type of cornmeal called masarepa and stuffed with a filling.

I asked them to pick whichever ones they liked the most. They suggested the chicken avocado arepa and a pepito with chicken and beef. They also recommended a mango smoothie. I had no idea what to expect. I have had arepas before from a Venezuelan restaurant in Colorado, but that was it.

If you go to Cata Las Delicias, you should know that all orders are made fresh and it does take some time. They quoted me about 15–20 minutes for the arepa and pepito which was pretty spot on.

Cata Las Delicias

The pepito was similar to an open face sandwich topped with, I believe, yuca crunchy sticks, basically like shoestring fries. It was a HEFTY dish. I actually started with the arepa which was delicious. It was almost like a gordita, but softer in texture. The chicken avocado was excellent. The arepa was stuffed with so much chicken, I was basically stuffed by the time I finished it.

That was bad news as the pepito was a beast and I didn’t have that much room in my belly. It felt like a dish for two. I tried my best to eat as much of it as I could. It was one of those meals that looked like you weren’t putting a dent in it after 5–6 bites. This was very heavy and so much food. Keep in mind, it was roughly $18, but is enough to feed multiple people.

I just loved how the food was unique and different from so many other places in town. Diversity in food in town is such a big thing for me and I hope more people can support them, which may eventually lead to a brick & mortar space. That way, I don’t have to keep following Instagram stories to see when they are open.

Give this food truck a try, especially if you love trying different foods.

Here’s the menu:

Happy Dining,

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