Revisiting Gar Joe’s Crawfish, the best in Wichita

Garjoe's Crawfish

It’s that time of year… crawfish season and my favorite place to go isn’t a restaurant, it’s Gar Joe’s Crawfish.  What originally started as a pop-up has since converted to a full-fledged food truck that can usually be found in the parking lot of Froggy’s Liquor at 2336 S. Oliver St.

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What you get is a no frills, traditional Louisiana Cajun-style boil. It’s basically what I would want if I were to attend a crawfish boil in someone’s backyard.

The owner of Gar Joe’s drives down to Louisiana every week and brings back as much crawfish as he can back to Wichita. Then on Saturdays, they sell live and cooked crawfish, shrimp, and sometimes crab legs as well. Something to note, they also specialize in andouille sausage that you can buy cooked or frozen by the pound to take home with you. How does the saying go? “Don’t sleep on (insert whatever).

….well, don’t sleep on their sausage. One of the best I’ve had in town.

The price of the food all depends on the market value of what Gar Joe’s Crawfish can get it for, and they keep their prices very competitive in Wichita.

On my last visit to Gar Joe’s, I ordered the Gar Joe’s platter which was 1 pound of crawfish, 1 pound of shrimp, 1 pound of crab legs, 1 corn, 1 sausage, 2 potatoes and 3–5 mushrooms. I had extra crab legs and sausage tacked on to my order.

This was heaven in a meal. The seasoning on the potatoes, mushrooms, corn…. it can’t be beat. And the flavor of the crawfish is truly unmatched in town. I was surprised at how big the crawfish were too, given the expectations of the type of crawfish season people were thinking it’d be. While I planned to buy this for my family, I found myself eating most of it myself.

Was I complaining? No chance.

To see when they’ll be out next or to place an order, head on over to their Facebook page.

Here’s their menu:

Garjoe's Crawfish

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