Reviewing the Logitech POP Mouse

I needed a new mouse and a year ago picked up the Logitech POP Mouse which you can do so at Amazon.

Before that, I was using the Apple Magic Mouse (seen below) and just wasn’t a fan of it.

Apple Magic Keyboard

Growing up with a PC and a traditional mouse, I liked the feel of actual buttons and a smart wheel. I needed those back in my life.

After browsing through the stores, I landed upon the Logitech Pop Mouse. Part of the allure was that it was black and yellow which matched my alma mater’s colors and that it was on sale. The mouse has an MSRP of $40, but it was on sale for a little over $20 at the time of purchase. It came in other colors like purple, black, and pink, but yellow spoke to me.

Just look at how cute these colors are!

There were many features that spoke to me.

For starters, it was wireless. It also had the ability to connect to three devices. So my Logitech Pop Mouse can switch between my work laptop, personal laptop and desktop all with the tap of a button. It doesn’t matter what kind of device either. This baby connects to up to 3 devices on Windows, Mac, Chrome OS or Android using Bluetooth or as I like to call it, magic.

The size was just right too. I’d compare it to the size of a taco from Taco Fajita. Does it taste the same? I don’t know, as I have yet to lick my Logitech Pop Mouse and don’t intend to anytime soon.

Logitech Pop Mouse

For comfort, I loved it. It’s compact, and quiet. Clicking the mouse buttons sounded like you were tapping your finger. I’m not a big fan of click sounds, so this was right up my alley. For the size it is 1.38 inches tall, 2.34 inches wide and comes in at a whopping 82 grams. The size makes it a simple, portable option, especially if you work on the go or find yourself at a coffee shop with your computer.

One feature I have yet to use because I’m old is the emoji button, located right underneath the smartwheel. If you press the colorful mouse’s magic middle button, it opens a menu of emojis to use in your chats, or give it your shortcut using Logitech Software. One, I’m too lazy to download mouse software and two, I just didn’t think it was necessary to have a button for emojis. BUT it’s just an additional wonderful amenity for someone else to use.

There’s no need to connect your mouse to your computer to charge either, which means one less cord to deal with. The Logitech Pop Mouse runs on a single AA battery that lasts up to two years. I literally just changed my mouse battery for the first time in the past week. It lasted over a year on heavy use.

All I had to do was pop the top cover open and replace it with one of my Amazon subscription double A batteries. (sidenote: the battery subscription has been a lifesaver).

Logitech Pop Mouse

Overall, I’m a huge fan and may one day pick up a second one to keep in my work bag, so I can keep my other one at home.

If you like what you read about The Logitech Pop Mouse, you can get yours at Amazon.

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