What’s a TonieBox? It’s the Wichita Public Library’s latest addition


This past week, the Wichita Public Library unveiled TonieBoxes as the latest addition to the Library of Things.

It’s free to library cardholders and provides endless entertainment for your family.

Those who are unfamiliar with TonieBoxes or have kids, you’ll want to learn about these fascinating little toys. I actually came across them last year and purchased one for my daughter. They are a little pricey, so trying it out through the Wichita Public Library is a great way to get a first-hand look at them.

What is a Toniebox? 

The Toniebox is an audio system for children made by tonies®. This innovative toy uses audio storytelling to introduce pre-readers and developing readers to the wonders of stories and music.  Each Toniebox checks out with a set of figurines called Tonies.

What does the Toniebox do?

The Toniebox is a digital audio player for children; kind of like a cassette or CD player for the older generation. Instead of CDs or cassettes, it’s a little figurine. Each figurine is loaded with songs and stories. Add a Tonie to the top of the box, and it instantly starts to play! It’s great for kids 3+.


Our experiences with the Toniebox

We are huge fans of the Toniebox. Ours is used every single day. Our family listens to music all the time, so it made sense to get one for us.

I remember the first cassette player I received and would always play whatever tapes I had lying around. That’s really what I consider a Toniebox to be. My daughter has an assortment of figurines that are loaded with stories and songs. For instance, she has an Elsa and Anna figurine that has stories and songs from the movie Frozen on it. During Christmas, I purchased an Elf on the Shelf Tonie that had Christmas songs on it that we’d play all through December. During the evening, she has a Cocomelon Tonie that is filled with lullabies.

There are so many tonies that tell stories, are loaded with songs, or both. There’s Disney, Sesame Street, Roald Dahl books, PJ Masks, Cocomelon, Spider-Man, Batman, PAW Patrol, Doc McStuffins, Peppa Pig, and more.

Every night, my daughter picks out a Tonie to play and falls asleep to music. Some of them have stories, so she’ll lay in bed and listen to those stories before she falls asleep.

What’s nice is the Toniebox is very durable. There’s a soft padding around the Toniebox perfect for children who may be a little rough on their toys. It’s also very intuitive for children. Squeezing the little ears on the Toniebox makes the volume go up and down. Tapping the sides of the Toniebox will skip a song/story or go back. To pause a song, just lift the Tonie off the Toniebox.

There’s also customized Tonies that you can load any MP3 files on to. You could read a story and load that file onto the Tonie. A recent example is my daughter is obsessed with the Trolls Band Together soundtrack. So I purchased the soundtrack and put it on the Tonie along with the Frozen soundtrack because that soundtrack will never escape me.

It’s honestly one of the best purchases I’ve made for our daughter.


Checking out a Toniebox

Now that you know what a Toniebox is, how do you get one? They can be borrowed from the library for 14 days. There are only 2 renewals for the item.

There are 13 Tonieboxes to choose from, with five figurines/tonies that come with them.

Of if you want to buy a Toniebox, they can be found at most retailers like Walmart, Amazon, Kohl’s and Target. They run around $100-130 depending on one if you get a bundle. But be on the lookout for sales. Target had a 30% off sale last year, which saved quite a bit of money.

For more information on the Tonieboxes at the Wichita Public Library, head on over to their website.

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