Stopping by Betty’s in Doulgass, KS


Last year a new restaurant opened in Douglass, KS called Betty’s. It’s a new burger joint with other classic American fare about 30 minutes outside of Wichita. I dropped by with two other local food bloggers, The Kansas Gastronomist and Lets.Eat.ICT, during a little road trip.

833 E 1st St., Douglass, KS 67039

Tuesday – Friday: 11am – 7pm
Saturday: 11am – 2pm
Closed on Sunday and Monday

Cash/Card Accepted

All of us didn’t know what to expect during our visit to Betty’s. I didn’t do any research on the restaurant, so this was totally new to us. We didn’t even know this was primarily a burger restaurant. We had just stopped by Sweet Thangz in Douglass for burgers, minutes before arriving here.

Because we just had burgers, we wanted to try something different and went with the chili cheese hot dog. We asked the lady working the counter for a suggestion, and she said, “We have a really good grilled cheese.”

To be honest, I’ve never ordered a grilled cheese for myself. Perhaps, it could have been something unique, so we obliged.

We noticed they had some treats as well, along with homemade ice cream flavors. A brownie and an amaretto dark chocolate chip ice cream was immediately added to our order.

Our hot dog was a beast. It was the smothered thing I’ve seen in a restaurant; I wasn’t even sure there was a hot dog in there. But after two seconds of digging, I found it. I love hot dogs as much as the next person and found this to be quite the treat. Although I was full from my previous restaurant stops that day, I gave it my best effort.

Next up was the grilled cheese.

Well…. it was about as simple and basic of a grilled cheese as you could get. We split it, and this kind of rang true with what I do with my blog… “always trying new things.” In the 13 years I’ve been blogging, this was the first time I’ve reviewed grilled cheese.

Like I said earlier, this was very simple. It was well executed, but also a dish I very rarely eat. Moments later, who I believe to be the owner came out and said she wished we ordered the burger. She wasn’t sure why the grilled cheese was recommended to us.

9 times out of ten, I would blame The Kansas Gastronomist for ordering such dishes that typically are found on kids menus, but can confirm the cashier did suggest this.

As for the desserts, they were wonderful. The ice cream was about as creamy as you could get.

Had we not just come from Sweet Thangz, we would have ordered the burgers. While I liked the hot dog, I think the burger is probably the best route to go at Betty’s. The three of us bloggers failed you on this review.

Here’s the menu:

Happy Dining,

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