All you can eat crab legs available just outside of Wichita

Rock & Brews Casino Braman

Do you miss all you can eat crab legs in Wichita? I do. But did you know that it’s available, thanks to a short hour drive (or less) outside of Wichita at Rock & Brews Casino in Braman, Oklahoma?

The promotion, which has been going on for over a year now, takes place every Friday at Rock & Brews restaurant from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. for $59.95.

9525 US-177, Braman, OK 74632

Restaurant Hours
Daily: Noon – 9pm

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Cash/Card Accepted

I’ve been wanting to go forever and was surprised with a trip to Braman over my birthday weekend by my better half to cross this off my foodie bucket list.

The drive to Rock & Brews, for us, was just under the hour mark. Probably could have been faster if it weren’t for construction.

When we arrived to Rock & Brews, we didn’t smell cigarette smoke as we walked in. It was crab legs. It was a popular place with nearly every table taken around 6:30-7pm.

As we were seated, our server asked if we wanted to start off with a salad or get straight to the crab legs. Megan asked for a salad, but I wanted to save all the room in my belly for the latter.

Within a few minutes, I had my first platter of crab legs in front of me. It was piled high with corn and potatoes underneath. Megan enjoyed the salad, noting they had high-quality ranch (which I get is important to a lot of people). And she also really loved the corn.

Like the salad, I didn’t touch the corn or potatoes as it took my eyes off the prize.

I was in pure bliss with the all you can eat crab legs and started going to town on them. They were warm, delicious and the meat came out with little effort.

There was a gentleman walking around with a cart full of crab legs refilling people’s plates.

His name was Bruce and was a joy to speak with. Apparently he’s also the GM of the place, but enjoys working on the Fridays and conversing with customers. He told me over 80% of customers that come in on Fridays are from Wichita.

Rock & Brews did a fantastic job of going around and making sure no plates were empty. The service was quick and pretty much any server we encountered was so positive.

Rock & Brews Casino Braman - All You Can Eat Crab Legs

After multiple refills, I was full, but was told the only way to get the full experience was to end my night with the complimentary ice cream available to all customers. The option was vanilla with either chocolate or caramel drizzle.

After our meal, the temptation came on to do a little gambling. While I’m not a fan of slot machines (I stick to table games), I caved in and dabbled a bit.

And thanks to one of the machines, I turned a few twenty dollar bills into this:

What a wonderful way to spend a Friday evening.

If crab legs aren’t your thing, here’s the menu to order from:

Happy Dining,

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