First look at the return of Rice & Roll by Bao Xing (formerly known as Xing Xing)

Rice & Roll by Bao Xing

The name is changing to Rice & Roll by Bao Xing, but everybody knows them as Rice & Roll by Xing Xing. The Vietnamese business that originally started inside the kitchen of a residential house back in 2019 continues to evolve. Some of that evolution included adding Asian fusion dishes and eventually opening a brick & mortar store in 2020.

Their original location was located at 1920 E. Pawnee, but that closed in 2023 after an attempted remodel and renovation. A change in plans took place and the business relocated to 6100 E. 21st St. N. in the former Dragon Express space.

6100 E. 21st St., Wichita, KS 67208

Open Daily starting at 10 a.m.
Closing hours will be decided after a week or so

Cash/Card Accepted

Now known as Rice & Roll by Bao Xing, much of what diners remember from the Pawnee location can now be found at their new restaurant.

Two of the most popular dishes that come to mind are the egg rolls and ramen, which are still available.

I stopped by with some bloggers to get a look at the new location.

We ordered what felt like half of the menu. My personal order was the sunshine rolls (spring rolls), chili wings, pork char siu ramen (level 3), and the hot & sour soup. Was it a lot of food? Yes. Was I relying on my friends to help me finish? Indeed. And was the food just as good as I remember it from Xing Xing? Certainly.

My lunch started with the soup, which was fantastic. It was flavorful and a great starter to my day. I split the spring rolls with friends and had half of one. The spring rolls were deceivingly filling. They were packed with pork, shrimp and all the fixings.

I knew there was much more food on the way, so I only had one of the chili wings. The wing I had was fairly meaty, covered in a delicious chili sauce, but I think could have been fried just a tad longer.

The ramen then came out, and I forgot how much heat was packed in just a level 3 at Bao Xing. You get the option of a 0-7 spice level. 0 being no heat at all to level 7, which is the equivalent of someone pouring gasoline in your mouth and lighting it on fire.

You may think a 3 or 4 is average considering it’s in the middle, but there’s surprisingly quite a bit of heat. On top of that, it’s a heavy dish with a mountain of noodles. I have always loved the ramen at Xing Xing, and it was just as good at Bao Xing. Probably a top ten dish in town for me.

My friends ordered other dishes like the egg rolls, chili won tons, crab rangoon among other entrées. You can find those pics below:

Rice & Roll by Bao Xing

Listen, if you loved Rice & Roll by Xing Xing, you’re certainly going to love their new spot. It’s all the same dishes plus new ones. And the owner is sweet as hell, which is an added bonus.

I’m so glad to have them back.

Here’s the temporary menu:

Happy Dining,

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