My first time at the The Great Plains Renaissance Festival

The Great Plains Renaissance Festival

The Great Plains Renaissance Festival

I’m all for experiencing new things and one event I’ve been meaning to visit over the years is The Great Plains Renaissance Festival.

Located at Sedgwick County Park, this two-day event takes place twice a year. There’s a spring festival and another one in the fall.

For my first Great Plains Renaissance Festival, I stopped by the spring event. I had no idea what to expect and when I arrived, I was surprised at the sheer number of people in attendance. Many of whom were dressed up. I think there were more people dressed up than not dressed up.

This event had it all, jousts and jets, bagpipes, fire breathers, fairies, knights, horses, war… everything. While this type of event isn’t necessarily my thing and most of what went on was over my head, I came in with an open mind to experience something totally outside my comfort zone.

The first thing that I came across was vendors. There were so many on hand selling everything one would ever need, swords, helmets, masks, walking canes, jewelry, and more.

While walking around Sedgwick County Park, I came across Crazy Boy Coy, a very entertaining fire breather with plenty of jokes.

I think my favorite part of the festival was the Highland Games. I couldn’t even tell you all the events they were doing. But it was a ton of fun to watch, featuring incredible feats of strength.

Then I saw lots of sword fighting, fencing, and what I believe to be Live Action Role Play (or larping).

Moving on, I came across the the talented ladies of Amira Dance Productions.

And then there was the food, which may have been the busiest area of The Great Plains Renaissance Festival.

I spent $18 on a large turkey leg which ended up being my meal for the day.

It was certainly interesting to experience and take in. Like I said, it’s not really my type of event, but I wanted to check it out seeing as though I don’t recall ever going before.

To learn more about The Great Plains Renaissance Festival, you can either visit their website or Facebook page.

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