Let’s Review Hooters!


Let’s revisit Hooters!

Hooters is an American chain restaurant founded in Clearwater, Florida back in 1983. Also dubbed as a “breastaurant” due to the revealing nature of the staff attire, the restaurant name is also a double entendre that refers to women’s breasts and the logo which is an owl.

The food at Hooters consists of wings, burgers, sandwiches, steaks, seafood, and various appetizers.

It’s a restaurant I’ve been to countless times as a location used to be in Wichita on north Rock Road. That one closed back in 2018 and is now an IHOP. I’m not sure whether people consider that an upgrade or a downgrade.

For the purpose of this blog, we visited the Hooters location in Oklahoma City. I placed a carryout order for wings since that was always what I’d get when I frequented the restaurant.

I had the original wings which are breaded and tossed in sauce.

My sauce choice was the Daytona Beach 100, which was sweet and a hint of heat along with the mild sauce for my family. Then we ordered some Hooters curly fries and celery with ranch sauce.

Fortunately, the place we were staying at was about five minutes from Hooters. That meant are food was about as fresh as it could be for a carryout order.

To start, the Daytona Wings were everything I remembered them to be. They were always my favorite sauce at Hooters back in the day, and it didn’t miss a beat. I loved the initial sweetness followed by a bit of heat in each bite. The wings were fairly meaty as well. The mild were about as basic as you could get for a flavor, but my family doesn’t like heat so that was the option they wanted to go with.

When it comes to chain wings, I certainly enjoyed Hooters.

The fries, though, were probably some of the most underwhelming fries. I don’t remember them being this bad; bland and unseasoned. We literally had a handful and tossed the rest.

The Dayton Wings were really the only thing that stuck out from my visit. They were excellent and brought back some nostalgic memories for me. Enough that I’d advocate for a Hooters to return to Wichita? I doubt it.

Here’s the menu:

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