Reviewing Exploration Place’s vending machine for Oreo cookies

Off the heels of our vending machine review at the WSU Eugene M. Hughes Metropolitan Complex, it was time to visit another machine around town. This time, we stopped by Exploration Place at 300 N McLean Blvd.

I was there with my daughter who wanted a quick snack. This called for an impromptu vending machine review.

The vending machine featured two rows of popular drinks like Mountain Dew, Pepsi, multiple flavors of Gatorade, water and more. It also had chips, pretzels, candy, and an assortment of different snacks. The Oreo cookies caught my daughter’s eye, so that’s what we went with.

For some reason, the machine had card reading issues at the time, but fortunately, I had cash on me. The Oreo cookies were $2.

Once the cookies dropped, we did run into user errors trying to get our purchase out. At first, my daughter tried to pull what looked to be the door. That didn’t work. Then she pushed it and that didn’t work. She stood there befuddled and tried to push and pull again. I did the same thing to confirm her issues weren’t because of lack of strength.

Eventually, we pushed down on it and were able to get our cookies.

So, if you happen to make a similar purchase, this is helpful information and doesn’t make you look like an idiot trying to get your food.

Vending Machine Exploration Place Oreo

Our purchase consisted of 6 Oreo cookies for a couple of dollars. It’s a bit of a markup for six cookies, but to be expected when it comes to our vending machine travels.

When we opened the Oreo package, two of the cookies were shattered in pieces. Our biggest criticism of the vending machine was that the cookies were on the third shelf of the machine. That equated to quite the fall when released from the machine. Perhaps, a cushioned bottom in the vending machine would prevent cracking.

Otherwise, the Oreos were (according to my daughter) delicious as expected. They weren’t stale and had a delicious crème filling.

Vending Machine Exploration Place Oreo

Was it a worthwhile purchase? For $2 and a smile on my daughter’s face… definitely. My daughter was able to overlook the cracked cookies. It took a bit away from the experience but not from the flavor.

Happy Dining,

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