A journey through my favorite grocery store in Wichita: Gucci Dillons (aka Dillons Marketplace)

Gucci Dillons Marketplace

When it comes to grocery stores, there is one particular store and location that has always stuck out the best to me. For cleanliness, friendliness, and selection, that is Dillons Marketplace as 7707 E. Central Ave which is the southwest corner of Central and Rock Road. For many people in Wichita, this may be better known as Gucci Dillons.

I remember back in the 80s when this was a bare piece of land with mountains of dirt as they prepared to build what would be the G.O.A.T. of Wichita grocery stores.

Thirty years later, we have what is now a marketplace with all the amenities one would ever need. Something to note, this Dillons also went through recent renovations which included new flooring. How exciting!

The first amenity, shoppers will notice is the gas station with three types of gasoline: Unleaded, Mid-Grade and Diesel. It’s a nice addition to the corner of Central and Rock ever since the Coastal (aka Kapaun Coastal) closed and replaced with a Chick-Fil-A.

Once inside, there’s a bear claw machine for only 50 cents a play. Many machines around town are now at 75 cents, a dollar and up. Gucci Dillons has kept the price down.

Furthermore, there are bags of ice available for those who need some on the go.

If you enter through the center entrance of Dillons and turn to your right, there’s a whole floral section. Be careful, the two busiest days to visit this area are Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. You’ll find more men here than any other two days of the year. On other days, you’ll typically see men browsing through the aisles on Facetime with their spouses confirming they picked up the right items.

Right next to floral is one of the few salad bars left in Wichita.

The salad bar is open every day from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. The price is $5.99 a pound or if you dine-in it’s all you can eat for $7.99.

Coffee is a huge part of many people’s lives and Starbucks is there to be a part of your daily journey if you’re stopping by Gucci Dillons.

If you head further to the west, there’s the fresh meals, fried chicken and sushi area. Some people may remember that part of this area once led to the video rental area when Dillons first opened and would later become a liquor store. Now it’s just an extended area of Dillons serving affordable underrated gems like the sushi.

Moving along, there’s the pastry section where you can order some custom-made cakes.

From there it’s aisles and aisles of anything you need. With 50 aisles, it’s impossible to go home empty-handed.

Need meat or seafood? They got you covered?

Want to work on that milk mustache? The dairy section has your back.

Feeling under the weather? The pharmacy is there to cover your prescriptions.

Home goods? Coffee pots? Utensils? Of course!

Walking around naked and need some clothes? All the fashion essentials for all ages have you covered… literally and figuratively.

And once you’re all done, there are multiple self-checkout stands and a limited number of active cashiers ready to take your money.

And that, my friends, is my favorite grocery store in town, Dillons Marketplace, better known as Gucci Dillons. If you stop by, be sure to put your carts back in the receptacle.

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