Revisiting Berneal’s Carryout and their 99-cent cheeseburgers

Berneal's Carryout

People love a delicious deal and eating at an affordable price. One of the best places to go to spend a dollar in town is Berneal’s Carryout. They are home of the 99-cent cheeseburgers. Located at 13th and Grove, this cash only place has been dishing out brown paper bags with little burgers for years.

2403 E 13th St. N, Wichita, KS 67214

Monday – Saturday: 11am – 6pm
Closed on Sunday

Cash Only

Berneal’s Carryout is literally just a carryout restaurant. They used to have their indoor open for dining, but that has since closed. The walk-up or drive-thru window is the only way to order; plus remember to bring cash as it’s cash only.

We went with four cheeseburgers and four hamburgers with an order of tots, which turned into fries when we received our order.

Everything came in a classic brown paper bag, with each burger wrapped in aluminum foil.

Berneal's Carryout

The burgers are slightly bigger than a slider and come with onions and a pickle. They were pretty good, slightly greasy and tasted like you were in someone’s backyard for a cookout. The handmade patties had a nice char to them, and the bun held it all together. I think some mustard would have helped, but at a dollar a piece, this was a very satisfying meal.

Berneal's Carryout

The fries were a little on the burnt side. Plus, I would have preferred tots, but the food gods had something else planned for me that day.

Berneal's Carryout

At around $11, we had eight sliders and a big order of fries between the two of us. There are not many places you can get that much food at that price. The lady working the drive-thru was super sweet as well. Show them some love, save a little money, and get yourself some burgers.

@wichitabyeb Do you have any restaurants in your area that offer 99-cent burgers? In Wichita, we have Berneals Carryout. #fyp #Wichita #vlog #burgers #foodies ♬ Music In Your Heart (Instrumental) – BLVKSHP

Here’s the menu:

Berneal's Carryout

Happy Dining,

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