Save some money (and water) with the Water Conservation Rebate Program

Last year, my biggest goal was to have a lush, green yard. It’s something I’ve always wanted since I moved.

During that time, I turned into that old dad who constantly looks at the yard. With that, I purchased a new smart irrigation controller for my sprinklers. The tech nerd has loved every second of it. It was that time I found out that my new controller was eligible for the Water Conservation Rebate Program from the City of Wichita.

If you buy water-efficient devices, you are eligible for a rebate if you have an active water service account with the City of Wichita Public Works and Utilities. After reading about it, it’s a win-win because you can reduce the demand for water and save money on your water bill with the City of Wichita’s Water Conservation Rebate Program.

At the start of April, the Wichita City Council approved $150,000 for the continuation of the Water Conservation Rebate Program. The program encourages residents to purchase water-saving household devices by offering rebates in the form of a credit to their water account. 

The $150,000 rebate program funding allocation includes:

  • $75,000 – allocation for City of Wichita residential customers who have active utility accounts with Public Works & Utilities for the delivery of potable water
  • $50,000 – allocation for MABCD “Code Enforcement Liaison Program” to assist low-income homeowners with repairs related to water leaks and plumbing issues
  • $25,000 – allocation for wholesale customers to administer their own conservation program

General guidelines and eligible items are listed below. The City strongly recommends bringing a printout of the qualifying appliances for reference when shopping. There is a limit of five rebated items per water account. Rebates will not exceed the purchase price.

Rebates are available for up to:

  • Dual Flush Converter Kits (up to $50)
  • Hose Faucet Irrigation Controllers (up to $100)
  • Rain Barrels (up to $75)
  • Rain Sensor Shutoffs (up to $100)
  • Smart Irrigation Controllers (up to $100)
  • Toilet Repair Kits (up to $35)

To be eligible, the item must be purchased after January 1, 2024.

Once you make a qualified purchase, you can fill out the application online via this link. It was effortless when I did it last year. I filled in my information, account number, date of purchase, amount and uploaded my receipt. Not long after, I received my credit.

Up next, I may get a rain sensor shutoff.

And if you’re curious, which smart irrigation controller I purchased. It was the Rain-Bird LNK2WIFI Wi-Fi Module. It has worked like a charm!

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