The time I attempted The WD40 (a 40oz burger and fries) challenge at Whiskey Dicks

The time I attempted The WD40 (a 40oz burger and fries) challenge at Whiskey Dicks

Whiskey Dicks

To celebrate 14 years in business, Whiskey Dicks is releasing a new burger challenge on May 1.

It’s called the WD40 Challenge.

To beat the challenge, you have 30 minutes to finish a 2-pound burger with all the fixings and a half pound of fries. You cannot leave your seat during the challenge. It cost $40 to attempt the challenge and if you complete it, winners get a free t-shirt, bragging rights and the meal for free.

Whiskey Dicks

I was invited to attempt this challenge with three other food bloggers to test it out and provide feedback.

When I arrived, the staff was preparing the burgers. I got a peek in the kitchen to see the burgers prepped which was really just a mind game to mess with me.

… worked.

Soon after, we were seated, and then our burgers were brought to our table and the countdown began.




Whiskey Dicks

I started off eating a few fries. Everybody else dug into the burger immediately. I had a game plan to take it nice and slow. As a child, I was told the story of the The Tortoise and the Hare. The hare got off to a fast start, but it was the tortoise that won.

I cut the burger in half to make it more manageable. Then I cut it into quarters.

By the time I finished cutting my burger, I looked over my shoulder, and I’m pretty sure one of the bloggers, Fert the Foodie, was nearing completion of the challenge.

I looked to my left and The Kansas Gastronomist had a quarter of his burger done. Looks like it was time for the tortoise to start eating.

My first bite was excellent. It was a delicious, juicy burger. Not long after, I finished a quarter of the burger and moved on to the next quarter. Boom that was done.

I started hearing cheers in the crowd and Fert the Foodie finished his burger in just 9 minutes and 44 seconds. Seriously? Under 10 minutes? That’s not human, and you have to be on some major munchies to eat that much that fast. I asked for Fert the Foodie to be tested for Performance Enhancing Drugs but was denied.

At that point, I turned around and saw half a burger in front of me. I picked up the top half and decided to focus on that. It was quite intimidating, and I could feel most of the burger stuck in my throat wanting to come back out.

But like I trooper, I kept chugging along refusing to quit.

Suddenly, I was told there were five minutes left. Quitting actually sounded like a great idea!

That’s when the burps were coming on. That was bad news. Burps and food challenges do not go hand in hand.

I looked around and Fert the Foodie was celebrating his victory, Live Local was about done with his burger as was The Kansas Gastronomist but not the fries.

Then, I tried to think logically.

The logic in mind said, “Eddy, there’s no way you’re finishing this challenge. Just keep nibbling away and knock out as much as you can. Think about it, the other guys still have the fries left. They won’t finish it. They will be MISERABLE! Do you want to be miserable? Look, you’re going to finish last, but is there truly a last place? If nobody finishes, you’re all losers. You just happen to be the loser who doesn’t feel as miserable.”

I caved in to logic. And started to slow down the pace of my eating while bloggers The Kansas Gastronomist and Live Local, continued on and finished their burgers while whining like my four-year-old does when I tell her to clean her room.

Then the time was up. I finished probably 71% of my burgers and a handful of fries. It was a fair attempt at a challenge certainly not suited for me.

Minutes after, The Kansas Gastronomist sulked in misery. I pretended to be miserable just so he wasn’t alone in his feelings. That’s what friends are for.

As his ride came to pick him up, I said to him, “How are you feeling TKG? You feeling good?” with a huge snarky smirk on my face.

He turned to me with an utter look of defeat and said, “F*** you” and walked off. That’s also what friends are for.

So, did I complete the challenge? No.

Did I have fun doing it? Certainly.

Are there others who could finish it? Absolutely?

Could someone beat the 9 minutes and change mark set by Fert the Foodie? I got a prize to whoever thinks they can.

Check it out. The WD40 Challenge at Whiskey Dicks starting May 1.

Whiskey Dicks is located at 801 S. Seneca. To learn more, visit their website or Facebook page.

Happy Dining,

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