Visiting Kilroy’s Pizza in Sedgwick, KS

Kilroy's Pizza

Every year, I put together a list of restaurants outside of Wichita I want to visit and year over year, Kilroy’s Pizza, has been on the list. I think dating back to even 2019, the pizza restaurant in Sedgwick, KS has long been on my wish list.

….and now finally, I can say I’ve been to Kilroy’s Pizza and am a big fan!

106 E 5th St., Sedgwick, KS 67135

Wednesday – Thursday: Noon – 8pm
Friday – Saturday: Noon – 9pm
Sunday: 2pm – 8pm
Closed on Monday and Tuesday

Cash/Card Accepted

Sedgwick, depending on where you live, isn’t that far of a drive, especially if you are in north or northwest Wichita.

I called my order in for carryout to Kilroy’s Pizza, made the drive, and was back in about 20 minutes. The pizza traveled well, and my family was ready to grub.

We had quite the order that included:

  • Large Super Supreme Pizza
  • Small German Pie
  • Small Cheese
  • Small Pepperoni Pizza
  • Italian Sub Sandwich
  • Cinnamon Streusel dessert

Keep in mind, this was my order for three adults and three kids (with two of them under 5). It was too much food, but I wanted to get a good spread from Kilroy’s Pizza since I’ve been wanting to go forever.

Here are the pictures:

For starters, we all dug into the super supreme pizza and loved it. It had that classic style similar to places like Godfather’s or Gambino’s; plenty of toppings, and plenty of cheese over the top for a healthy heaping slice of pizza. One slice felt like it was eating two slices.

The small pizzas were a personal pan size. The youngest kids ate the pepperoni and cheese pizzas, and went through it quick, which was a good sign. Every so often, they take forever to eat. So, the fact they had plenty of slices that quick was a good sign.

I had my hopes up for the German Pie since I love sauerkraut. Unfortunately, it just didn’t vibe with my taste buds. I’m not sure if it was the sauerkraut they used or the base, but something just threw me off.

But what made up for it was the Italian sub, which was also delicious. Honestly, it may have been my favorite part. Once again, another good portion size and a very filling sandwich. I loved the generous use of dressing on the sub.

The others favorite? Well, it was hard for others to argue against the cinnamon Streusel. My family loves desserts pizza and had no problem knocking it out.

In conclusion, we loved Kilroy’s Pizza and will check it out again.

Here’s the menu:

Happy Dining,

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