An Sunday fun day with catering Kobe Japanese Steakhouse

Kobe Japanese Steakhouse Catering

Want to experience Kobe Japanese Steakhouse in the comfort of your home, event space, for your next corporate event? Now you can, as the restaurant is taking their hibachi shows on the go. This on-site catering allows you to experience Kobe in an entirely different setting.

The popular Japanese steakhouse at 8760 W. 21st St. has been offering this service for roughly the past year. Over that time, they’ve worked on processes, fine-tuning the catering program and now ready to make a bigger push for it.

Kobe Japanese Steakhouse reached out to me about doing a test/trial run of the hibachi catering. So I worked with them on coordinating to partner on an event to do it on the patio. A typical catering job in someone’s backyard is anywhere from 6 to 20 people, but they can certainly do more if needed.

We turned it into a Sunday with roughly twenty people. To add to the ambience, we even had DJ Carbon come out to handle music for the afternoon. It 100% added to the experience having a list of nostalgic tunes playing all day.

The team at Kobe showed up about 1–2 hours before to get everything set up. That included, tables, chairs, table cloths, plateware and silverware. For our group, they brought two grills, a couple of servers, and two cooks, Cliff and Isaias. If you’ve been to Kobe, you likely have had one or both of them cook for you.

All the meals were ordered in advance. I was given the catering menu and sent it around to gather people’s orders ahead of time.

When everyone arrived, there were place cards on the table with everyone’s names and order. It was a nice little touch.

Then servers went around and confirmed meals and asked how everybody wanted their steak, if one was ordered.

Then it was game time. Cliff and Isaiah took over and put on a show. There were jokes told the entire team and plenty of food to be had all afternoon.

I wish I took more pictures, but I was too busy enjoying the afternoon and being around friends.

Everything you experience food wise was offered during the catering. There was soup, salad, fried rice and all the proteins and vegetables.

We even ended the day with shrimp tossing where I struggled immensely. It was like I’ve never been to Kobe to catch shrimp before. Part of me, blames the wind and weather conditions which affected the aerodynamics of the shrimp in midair.

To say everyone had fun was an understatement. I polled the crowd and everyone had a blast and felt the food didn’t miss a beat. It was nice to have Kobe out for an afternoon and enjoy their food in an entirely different environment. The BYOB was a major plus as well.

This is something I would definitely do again.

For more on catering or to look into scheduling a date from Kobe Japanese Steakhouse catering, visit their webpage or call 316-558-3331.

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