Grandma Thuy’s to close this summer

2024 hasn’t been a great year so far for many of my favorite Asian restaurants, mainly the Vietnamese inspired eateries. Another blow was revealed on Wednesday morning with the announcement that Grandma Thuy’s would be closing this summer.

The restaurant at 8728 W. Maple St. in the summer of 2020 right as Covid was underway. It gained so much popularity at a crazy rate, busy phone lines, large orders and long wait times.

I remember when they started as a home-based business selling egg rolls out of their home. It was a little side gig done out of necessity as the family was unemployed at the time and had to close down another business due to Covid restrictions. To this day, I’ll remember meeting owner Mai Vo’s husband in a QuikTrip parking lot to purchase the egg rolls and having a wonderful chat about life. I would order more and during that time, their Facebook page gained a good following. To the point that it caught the eyes of the Kansas Department of Agriculture who forced them to shut down the home-based operation.

This made the family think things through and and had to find a new space to operate out of instead of their home. They found the space they are in now and the rest was history. At first, it was just egg rolls, but then they expanded to the most underrated wings in Wichita. Over time, the menu continued to grow with spring rolls, fried rice, lo mein, and some of the best hot and sour soup in town as well.

But like Michael Jordan’s career, all great things must come to an end. In a Facebook post, owner Mai Vo announced that the restaurant will close this summer. Her family will be moving to another state.

The Vo family are just incredible people. Who else will miss walking into the restaurant and seeing them always so positive and happy. They will truly be missed the moment they leave Wichita. There’s a 10% chance, I may pack up and follow them wherever they go… unless it’s Missouri.

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