Wichita’s latest sensation: The Agua Fresca Guys

Agua Fresca

Although it’s been around for years, many in Wichita seem to have finally discovered agua fresca thanks to a couple stands in town dubbed as the Agua Fresca Guys.

You can typically find a stand with big upright beverage dispensers at two areas in Wichita. One at MacArthur & Broadway and another at 21st & Waco.

While I don’t know when it opens up, I’ve read that 1 p.m. is a good time for when they are set up.

I stopped by the MacArthur & Broadway stand around 2 p.m. on a weekend and there was a small line. But as I stood there, it started to get longer and longer.

But to start from the beginning, what is “agua fresca”?

The term translates to fresh water. That alone doesn’t really convey what the drink is. Basically, agua fresca is made with water, sugar, and depending on the flavor, a mix of fruits and vegetables.

There’s a wide variety of flavors to choose from, including strawberry, coconut, mango, watermelon, lime and more. It can change by the day, but sometimes you may find anywhere from 15 to 20 flavors.

A large cup from the Agua Frescas Guys runs $6, which is on par with many places around town.

Don’t get me wrong. As much as I think it’s crazy how many people are wilding out about agua fresca, I really enjoy the drinks. And I am not sure if I can tell the difference between the beverages here versus other places like Las Delicias or Palacana.

And just like the name translates to, it’s quite refreshing.

Part of me thinks the allure is just the experience and ambience. It’s like getting elote from the elote man or tamales from a truck on the side of the road. Going out of the way to visit a small stand is like an adventure in itself.

What’s next? The ice tea guy or Kool-Aid man selling on the side of the street? I may talk my daughter into setting up a lemonade stand as I don’t believe that’s ever been done before.

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