XP League NW Wichita: The AAU of E-sports for kids

XP League NW Wichita

XP League

E-sports has steadily been gaining popularity and traction in the states over the years and there’s one business looking to help your child. Introducing XP League Northwest Wichita, it’s like the AAU of E-sports.

Located at 2110 N. Maize Road, near the southeast corner of 21st and Maize, XP League Northwest Wichita offers coaching for kids in the world of E-sports along with a league with competitive team play against other XP leagues around the country.

Any child can participate between the age of 7 though a child’s senior year in high school.

Part of the big allure for XP League is the coaching and team-oriented setting that is offered. It is literally like an AAU program in the fact that your child will play regularly, receive coaching from ranked gamers in the state and participate in a league with nearly 50 other teams around the country.

Each week players practice, get assessed and placed on teams to play in such games like Fortnite, APEX Legends, Rocket League, Minecraft and Overwatch. During league play, the players are put into divisions based on skill level. Anywhere from silver, gold and the ultra-competitive platinum division.

The league play then leads into regionals and eventually nationals which takes place at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida.

I dropped in with one of the kids for a practice session. It’s a free session offered to any child who wants to come in and check the place out. They are introduced to the coaches, get to play with the other kids and see what XP League is all about. Another child was there at the same time for his intro session.

There were two rooms set up with multiple desktops when we arrived.

We met the coaches, and then got set up to play Fortnite in some public matches with what could be his eventual teammates.

The lights were then turned off and they started playing. It finally made sense as one of the kids always leaves the lights off in his room when he plays. I guess it’s something everybody does!

I’m a competitive person and I really loved the fact that XP League offers a safe gaming environment where kids can band together in a “team sport” so to speak and have fun. And when I say safe gaming environment, the XP League is organized and your children aren’t playing against random adults. It’s only against other kids and there are rules regarding sportsmanship and no profanity during games.

E-sports are great because not everyone will be skilled to play a sport like football, basketball, track, or whatever it may be. It’s a great outlet to still be competitive.

As I mentioned earlier, this is like an AAU set up for video games. And with that, there is a cost associated to it. The base cost is $139 a month.

There are also week-long camp programs, parents can check out here.

XP League

All in all, it’s another great option around town to get your kids out of the house surrounded by other kids who share the same interest.

XP League NW Wichita is located at 2110 N. Maize Road. You can find them online on the web or via Facebook. You can also call 620-314-4775.

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