Tanganyika Wildlife Park to open as an all-inclusive park in 2025

Big changes are coming for Tanganyika Wildlife Park in 2025.

The park announced it plans to open as an all-inclusive destination next spring. With that, admission packages will be redefined offering unlimited animal feedings, unlimited food and drink, and more interactive animal experiences than you’ll find in the state.

Starting March 2025, the park will simplify the membership and admission models, help reduce lines and the crowds, and streamline operations.

What was once a traditional zoo model will transition to a destination for animal experiences and an attraction offering everything a family needs during their visit baked into one price. It’s interesting to note that nearly 60% of daily admission sales are from guests outside of Wichita.

Inspired by Discovery Cove in Orlando, this new model offers unlimited animal feedings at the nine animal feeding encounters, unlimited food and drink, and a basic alcohol package with every admission. Attendance will be capped to reduce wait times and ensure more time with the animals.

What We Do Know:


Daily passes will still be available along with season passes. Prices are still being ironed out on the latter. During June and July, Tanganyika Wildlife Park will host a series of Tanganyika Townhalls to gather feedback from season pass holders. This information will be used to help finalize prices.

Daily admission will include unlimited animal feedings at nine different animal encounter stations, a kangaroo walk-about, unlimited food and drink, a basic alcohol package, Tanganyika Fall Splash Park and playground access:

  • Sedgwick, Butler, Harvey, and Sumner County residents:
    • $59.99 Mid-march through Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day through mid-November
    • $89.99 Memorial Day through Labor Day
  • Visitors outside the listed counties:
    • $99.99 Mid-march through Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day through mid-November
    • $149.99 Memorial Day through Labor Day
  • Experience and birthday package bundles are available
  • Kids 2 and under and adults 90 plus get free access to Tanganyika

Food and Drink Packages

Amenities have been determined such as the all-inclusive food and drink options which are as follows:

The inclusive grab-and-go package will be included with every admission. These items are available to take without needing to be rung up at a register. Grab-and-go items will be stocked throughout the day at regular intervals. Grab-and-go items consist of:  

  • Small pretzels 
  • Baked cookies
  • Popcorn bags 

A premium meal package will also be included at all admission levels and will consist of all food items in Tanganyika, not just the grab-and-go stations. Guests can eat all of their meals for the day at Tanganyika and not have to worry about bringing their own food. The meal package includes breakfast, lunch, dessert, and afternoon snacks. Guests must have these items rung up at a register so they can have their meals made fresh. Grab-and-go items are available to tide over hungry children while they wait for their meals. 

Menu Items will be listed below: 

  • Breakfast: Juice included with meals  
    • Entrées:  
      • Waffles
      • Eggs
      • Muffins
    • Sides:  
      • Toast
      • Sausage/bacon 
      • Fresh fruit 
  • Adult Entrées:  
    • Burgers
    • Grilled Chicken
    • Chicken Tenders 
    • Seasonal Salad 
  • Kid’s Meals: Includes Gogurt or applesauce. It will also include water or juice.  
    • Chicken Tenders
    • Grilled Cheese Sandwich 
    • PBJ Sandwich
  • Sides
    • Chips
    • Grilled Vegetables
    • Fresh Fruit  
    • Side Salad 
    • French Fries  
  • Desserts:  
    • Pies/Cakes 
    • Cookies/Brownies 
    • Jello/Pudding 

 Tanganyika will offer a tiered beverage package. The basic package is included with daily admission, while the premium is available as an upgrade. 

The basic package will include: 

  • Fountain Drinks/Teas
  • Non-alcoholic frozen drink machines 
  • Mocktails 
  • Cocoa 

 The Premium Package will include: 

  • Coffee – Cold brew and hot coffee
  • Bubble Tea 
  • Chai Tea Latte 
  • Smoothies 

If you want to spice things up, Tanganyika will also offer a tiered alcohol package. The basic package will be included in the cost of a guest’s membership, but the premium package will be available for purchase. 

The basic package will include: 

  • Bud Light 
  • Busch Light 
  • Budweiser 
  • Michelob Ultra 
  • Coors Light 
  • Box Wines 

The Premium Package will include: 

  • Corona and Corona light 
  • Warbeard Irish Red 
  • Tap beers 
  • Cocktails 
  • Champagne service 
  • Wine service 

Guests are still welcome to bring their own food to picnic at the park. 

Stay tuned for more details as they become available. For more, be sure to visit the latest Tanganyika Wildlife Park blog on the changes.

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