The benefits of getting a membership to the Wichita city golf courses

Golf Wichita Membership - Tex Consolver

Over the past year, one thing we’ve wanted to do as a family is to pick up the game of golf. I try to play when I can but getting the rest of the family on board has been a goal.

We signed our daughter up for Golf Wichita’s SNAG (starting new at golf) program last year. She enjoyed it so much, we signed her up again this year with two of her friends. Then on top of that, the parents try to get out for a round of golf when we can. It makes for a perfect little weekday date night… as long as we are striking the ball well.

Playing more golf, we looked into the golf memberships and country clubs around town. Some clubs around town were on a wait list and others were outside our budget. After discussing it, we signed up for a couples membership through Golf Wichita. It’s something one of my brothers has been doing for many years, and it made sense for us.

Let’s go over why.


Golf club memberships allow individuals, couples, or families access to golf course facilities and sometimes other amenities. A membership allows for those who enjoy regularly playing to lower the cost by paying one price per month.

You can learn more about the Golf Wichita memberships here.


The cost of a golf club membership depends on your age, unless you are getting a couples membership.

Memberships are sold as an annual agreement and paid by monthly bank withdrawal. There are no co-pays or time or day restrictions with a membership as well as no food minimums.

The membership will also get you basically unlimited rounds at the four city golf courses.

Prices are on the Golf Wichita website and as follows:

Families with kids 17 and under who are golf enthusiasts should know that junior memberships are just $10.61 a month, which is a steal if their kids love to golf regularly.


Having access to the public courses as often as we want a month for one regular rate is extremely convenient. Selfishly, it gives me a reason to golf as much as I can and hopefully get my family to love the game as much as I do.

Life can get chaotic sometimes, so being able to sneak away from home and spend a couple of hours on the golf course is a nice way to just slow things down…. even slower when my slice is there.

While we did look into some country clubs around town, the accessibility to play at multiple courses was a big benefit. Tex Consolver is my favorite course to play at and the one I go to most. But sometimes Sim is pleasant when I want something a little less challenging. MacDonald is always an option when I’m meeting my east side friends. Then Auburn Hills is a choice when I want to a beautiful course and a reason to hate myself because the course kicks my butt every time.

Overall, I’ve enjoyed it and can’t wait for our youngest to love the game as much as I do.

To learn more about the Golf Wichita Memberships, visit

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