The attempted review of JuhBa’s BBQ

JuhBa's BBQ

In the former Charlie’s Famous Burgers space at 3200 W. 13th St. N, you’ll find a new restaurant that may be familiar to some people. It’s JuhBa’s BBQ.

The owner has been doing popups dating back to 2022 near 21st and Grove. At least, that’s as far back as they’ve advertised on their social media page.

3200 W 13th St. N, Wichita, KS 67203

Wednesday – Sunday: 11am – ???

Cash/Card accepted

This new location on west 13th street has been announced for some time, but in recent months JuhBa’s BBQ has been selling out of the new space… at least so I’ve been told.

I’ve seen other bloggers check them out and had readers also tag me in posts to check it out.

I’m starting to think I’m part of some elaborate prank because I’m not sure if I believe they are open.

JuhBa’s BBQ says their hours are Wednesday through Sunday.

My first attempt was on a Thursday around 11 a.m. I had plans to grab lunch there with a friend. Showed up at opening and not a single person was there. It was raining, so perhaps the restaurant was closed because of the light drizzle. If so, it wasn’t announced on their social pages. And 99% of other restaurants were not closed because of the rain. One strike.

So, I drove by later that day a few hours later when the rain calmed down and the restaurant was still closed. Two strikes so far.

The next day (it was a Friday) and I tried to stop by during the afternoon and the restaurant was still closed. It’s crazy because a friend told me he had gone there earlier over lunch. Perhaps they sold out and I just had bad luck. Three strikes if you’re counting along.

I gave it a couple of weeks and waited until I saw some social media action. Then on a Friday, I saw someone posted they made it to JuhBa’s BBQ and were served food. My next two days were busy, so I set aside some time on Sunday to swing by around the tail end of lunchtime.

You all get one guess on whether they were open or not.

JuhBa’s BBQ was closed. Four strikes…. I’m out.

The review you came to read is incomplete. But you can’t fault me for lack of effort. I drove by four times, and it just so happened they were closed. What are the odds that the fifth time is the charm?

I let you down readers and will try harder. I just wish it wasn’t this challenging to visit a restaurant and see them open when advertised. I did get a picture of the menu, though!

JuhBa's BBQ

Maybe I’ll try again in the next couple of weeks….

I suppose I could always call to confirm on my fifth time.

Happy Dining,

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4 thoughts on “The attempted review of JuhBa’s BBQ”

  1. This place is owned by a wonderful hardworking man! He is the only person doing EVERYTHING to run a successful black-owned business, independently, by himself! Like.. literally…EVERYTHING. He’s trying, and definitely will succeed if we as a community continue to support him.

    1. If you look at the comments, it’s been a common issue for JuhBa’s. People are trying to visit and if you want to be successful, communicating the right hours is a big thing.

      1. My thing is you go in and give a review on a business that is a NEW FOUNDING BUSINESS. Not a food chain business, someone who is starting from scratch. Obviously there are going to be hiccups! I’d say go back in a year or two, maybe even 6 months, then give them an adequate review off of how they conduct their business. Maybe by then, they’ll consider your criticism and makes some critiques to uphold to your standards… And those of the community of course.

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