How consigning with Rhea Lana gives us extra financial flexibility… and a bonus, it’s EASY

Rhea Lana Sale

For four years, we’ve not only attended the Rhea Lana’s of Greater Wichita semi-annual children’s consignment sale, but we’ve also signed on to be a consignor.

If you’re not familiar with it, Rhea Lana’s of Greater Wichita is a 9-day shopping event where gently used children’s items are sold by consignors. Anybody can be a consignor.

As a consignor, we’ve been able to sell lots of clothes our daughter has grown out of, toys she NEVER plays with, and other family items we don’t have a need for anymore. What’s nice is the money we make from consigning goes back to buying more clothes for our daughter. So it’s a good way to lessen the load on expenses for our kid year over year.

The average consignor sells $550, it’s a number we’ve hit a few times before.

I’ve talked many friends into consigning. They’ve had initial concerns about time and being overwhelmed, but it’s actually easier than what people think. Let me walk you through the process, which is also described here.


Register To Consign

The first thing you want to do is register to consign, which can be done on Rhea Lana’s website.


Prepping Your Items

We keep a tub of stuff we are going to sell and bring it out for Rhea Lana. We then wash the clothes and organize everything by size and type of clothes, i.e., pajamas, tops, bottoms, etc. Furthermore, we also sell shoes, toys and other items.

After we have everything organized, we start putting the clothes on hangers and tagging them with price tags. We use these Avery white marking tags that can be found on Amazon, along with safety pins and sometimes zip ties for items like shoes and toys.

Here’s a great resource of what you can sell as its not just toys and clothes. There’s furniture, electronics, bath stuff, and maternity items.


Entering Your Items

We then go on to Rhea Lana’s website to enter your items and how much you want to sell each item for. Here’s a little guide for pricing point tips.

Once the items are entered, you can print the price stickers to put on your marking tags or pick up the stickers from Rhea Lana on a set date.

Then you put the sticker tags on and boom, you’re done with the item prep.

Rhea Lana


Dropping Off Items

The next step is dropping off your items at Century II. You go to Rhea Lana’s website and sign up for a drop-off date. This takes around 30 minutes where they check your items to ensure quality, and you’re basically set.



This is the fun part.

The sale starts, and you can log on to the website and watch your items sell in real time. This can be pretty addictive as you log on all evening and see the numbers go up, which means more money in your pocket.

It’s also a great time to encourage others to go shop at Rhea Lana, which takes place from August 8 to August 16.


Item Pickup

This may be more fun because you get paid. Once the sale is over, you can pick up your clothes or choose to have unsold items donated to a charity.

And if you want an additional resource, here’s a full guide produced by Rhea Lana


The process of prepping and entering items takes us around 3 hours to do, with two of us teaming up to do the work. But when you consider the money to be made, it’s worth it. What helps us is we typically do this while watching a TV show, so it’s multitasking. Or we put on some music we love and just groove along as we tag clothes. The end result? We’ve made between $300-500 on many occasions.

I’m telling you, it’s incredibly easy, and you’re compensated for your time. Rhea Lana has close to 3,500 families from all around Kansas who shop at this event, so you’re reaching numerous people looking to purchase your stuff.


Here are the important dates you need to know:

Drop Off Days for Consignors
Friday, August 2 | 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Saturday, August 3 | 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Sunday, August 4 | 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Monday, August 5 | 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Then it’s time to buy and sell….

Thursday, Aug. 8 ⤵️ Tickets available here. 
∙ 6pm – Launch Party $70

Friday, Aug. 9 ⤵️ Tickets available here. 
∙ Noon – Platinum Ticket $40
∙ 3pm – Gold Ticket $20
∙ 6pm – Consignors

Saturday, Aug. 10 ⤵️ Tickets available here. 
∙ 10am – Silver Ticket $10
∙ 12pm – Moms-to-Be
∙ 2pm – Teachers, Healthcare Heroes & Military
∙ 4pm – Guest Shopping

Sunday, Aug. 11 from 12pm-6p
Monday, Aug. 12 from 9am-7pm
Tuesday, Aug. 13 from 9am-7pm (most items 25% off)
Wednesday, Aug. 14 from 9am-7pm (most items 25% off)
Thursday, Aug. 15 from 9am-8pm (most items 50% off)
Friday, Aug. 16 from 9am-8pm (most items 50% off)
Located at Century II Exhibition Hall

See the full schedule here

For more on the sale, visit their Facebook page. Go get your kids everything they need and while you’re at it, go buy my daughter’s stuff!

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1 thought on “How consigning with Rhea Lana gives us extra financial flexibility… and a bonus, it’s EASY”

  1. I recently moved from CA and stumbled into a Rhea Lana sale, mind blown!! Gently used clothes a fraction of the normal cost and rack and racks of stuff!!

    I didn’t know anything about the process or how it worked… until the following year when I was a first time consignor. I watched all the videos and taught myself how to tag, print labels, fairly price items etc. I even got my small child involved in going through her room and selling her own items. That first sale we made a little approx 300 on 45 items!! My daughter made 60 on just her toys!!

    I loved the process so much, that I joined the team… now I get to watch this well oiled machine work, and it’s amazing. Something like 88k items to shift through and then whatever doesn’t get purchased but IS donated goes to foster families, military families and the homeless.

    Amazing to be a part of. So definitely shop, sell and/or join the team!!

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