About Us

Welcome to Wichita By E.B. Through sheer luck or by accident, you have happened to stumble upon this blog.

Q: Who exactly is Wichita By E.B.?

A. My name is Eddy and I’ve had this blog up since 2011. I’m just a local guy from Wichita who enjoys getting out of the house and seeing what the city has to offer whether it’s things to do in town and what you’ll mostly read about, restaurants and food trucks. Everything you read here are the personal experiences of myself and my friends and family. Since 2011, over 500 restaurants and establishments have been covered.

I started writing because I thought it would be nice to have another option out there for people to read reviews of establishments and restaurants in this city. I came across too many sugarcoated views of what a restaurant or business may be like. My goal is to give a good honest unbiased review of a place and let you decide if you want to go. My word certainly isn’t gospel and if you ask my mother, it’s probably the furthest thing from it! I’m just another Wichitan looking for the best that Wichita has to offer.

Please note my college degree wasn’t in English, Writing, Grammar or anything that could possibly make this blog look like it was written by a professional. My high school english teacher wasn’t the biggest fan of me and probably wouldn’t like my writing style now.

I have a wide variety of food tastes. I’ll try literally everything at least once even though I am lactose intolerant (it’s the cross I bear in life). I’m not a picky eater and am not opposed to trying the most obscure or odd dishes out there.

Q: What makes you qualified to blog?

A. I own a computer and know my way around the keyboard. That’s about it. My credentials are limited to small publications like my old 2nd and 5th grade newsletter. I like to eat and have been doing so for over three decades so there’s that too. My restaurant experience has been limited to many years of serving and a small amount of time in management. I rarely cook at home. Feel free to leave this webpage if that isn’t up to your standards.

Q: Does anybody else write for your site? Can I publish an article on your blog?

A. No. Everything you read here is written by me. It’s all 100% my material.

Q: Can you come to my restaurant or event?

A. I’m not opposed to reviewing any restaurant especially if I haven’t been to it. You can get a list of the restaurants already reviewed via the food directory. Otherwise you can always email me at just email wichitabyeb@gmail.com. I try to respond to every single email I receive. I’m also very active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and respond to those messages as well.

Q: Do you make money off of this?

A. Haha. I wish it was profitable. This cost is completely operated and paid for by myself. It’s an expensive gig. Any advertisements you see on here are through GoogleAds along with businesses that I have already vetted, blogged about and approved.

Q. Can we contact you for an interview?

A. I do not do TV interviews but will consider anything else. I will turn every one down so please don’t bother reaching out. I’ve said no to nearly all the local television stations. I like some semblance of anonymity. It makes going into a restaurant more authentic as a secret shopper. I don’t want preferential treatment. I want to be treated like any other diner.

Happy Dining