Apply to be featured on ‘Get To Know’

A popular segment on the blog is a feature called Get To Know where you can read past ones here. It’s an offering I made available to businesses, restaurants, food trucks, small mom and pop shops who would like to utilize the audience of Wichita By E.B.

Advertising isn’t cheap especially for locally owned businesses. As the son of two parents who had their own businesses, I saw the struggles of getting your name out there. It’s tough but hopefully this will help. I am making this platform available to those businesses who would like to tell their story, share the history and explain what they do. It’s 100% written completely by the owners. No other influences, opinions, or thoughts are added.

To apply, simply copy and paste the following questions and email your responses back to Only submissions by the owners of the business will be accepted.

  1. Name of the business & when it was founded/started
  2. Name of the owner(s)
  3. Bio of the owners(s)
  4. About the business (genre of food if a restaurant, what you do, a little history, etc).
  5. Why you started or took over the business
  6. Menu (if available of the food)
  7. Most popular menu item
  8. How to reach/locate your business (social media, website, phone number, address)
  9. Please include pictures of your storefront, yourself, food, business, etc. At least 4 pictures are needed.

All responses can be submitted to

You can see past examples of the Get To Know segments here to get an idea of how it looks.

If you’d like to explore other avenues to help create brand awareness for your business, visit our Partner / Be Featured page.