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Grindhouse Killer Burgers - Blandest Burgers

One of the blandest burgers I’ve ever had

I recently had one of the blandest burgers ever. It also makes me wonder how many restaurant owners clicked on this particular blog, praying their name it wasn’t mentioned. Well,

Smokin Diner Revisited

During a recent food truck rally visit, I made it a point to stop by Smokin Diner. They are one of the longer running mobile BBQ operations in town and

Fried Pies

Arbuckle Mountain Fried Pies Revisited

I haven’t been to Arbuckle Mountain Fried Pies in a few years. Since then, they closed down a location in Park City and their only brick and mortar left is a

Julius Rib Cage

Julius Rib Cage Revisited

I have this guilty pleasure I visit every so often. It’s Julius Rib Cage. The restaurant has since changed to a carryout only model and received a new facelift and paint