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Reviewing China Cafe in Haysville, KS

I felt like taking a small drive outside of Wichita to visit a restaurant I’ve never been to. We were feeling Chinese food and looking through my directory, I settled

First Look at the new Asia One location

The quick-service restaurant, Asia One, near 31st and Seneca recently moved buildings across the street. The new space allowed them to include a drive-thru which was perfect as they were

Dragon City Chinese Restaurant Review

I’ve been on a Chinese food kick lately and wanted to revisit a place I’ve been to only once: Dragon City Chinese Restaurant. There’s a location out on West Central

Tasty House Revisited

It’s been a few years since I last had dinner at Tasty House. For those of you who have never heard of them, it’s a Chinese restaurant that opened back

Oh Yeah! China Bistro

Oh Yeah! China Bistro Revisited

There aren’t many options for finer dining when it comes to Chinese food. Most of them are your every day casual sit-down spots or the enormous amount of quick-service grab

Saigon Oriental Restaurant

Saigon Oriental Restaurant Revisited

With restaurants reopening, we wanted to go and support some of our favorites around town. Our latest stop for dinner took us to Saigon Oriental Restaurant. They recently reopened their