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Let’s Review Panda Express!

Let’s review Panda Express! Panda Express is an American Chinese fast food chain that was founded 36 years ago in 1983 in Glendale, CA. Originally located in shopping mall food courts,

China Star Super Buffet

China Star Super Buffet Review

Let’s talk Chinese buffets. There are many options around town and when trying to compare them, it’s only fair to stop by every single one of them. The latest stop

China King Review

There’s another Chinese restaurant in Wichita you may have driven by many times but don’t know the name of. One because the sign is faded or two because there are

Tom’s Lotus Garden Lunch Review

Years ago, friends and I would frequent Tom’s Lotus Garden. They had a daily lunch buffet that many friends that worked in the downtown area would gather at least a

Good Fortune Chinese Restaurant Review

Wichita has no shortage of quick style Chinese restaurant. It’s one of those styles of restaurants where none of them have really blown me away. If I finish my meal

Teppanyaki & Sushi Buffet Review

Many people love a good buffet. The question of Chinese buffets always comes up and I’ve slowly been trying to get all of them up to date and reviewed. The

Wok Hei Noodle House Review

A new food truck has made its way from Dexter, KS to Wichita. You’ll likely see their presence more often now. It’s Wok Hei Noodle House. They are a food truck