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Thai House

Thai House is always a winning option

It’s crazy where lunch can lead you sometimes. I stopped by one restaurant who was supposed to be open and they were closed; then went to a second restaurant for

Krua Thai Revisited

While driving around northwest Wichita, I wanted to revisit a restaurant I haven’t been to in a while. That’s when I passed by Krua Thai at 7603 W. 21st street. It’s a

Promise Thai

Promise Thai Cuisine Revisited

We were wanting some Thai food and decided to go somewhere we haven’t been in a while, Promise Thai Cuisine. It’s one of the less talked about Thai options in town,

Thai Riffic Food Truck Revisited

The weather was nice over the weekend so I wanted to do some food trucking. Thai Riffic Food Truck was a truck that closed down last year but decided to