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Trying Braum’s Big Country Breakfast

This is an impromptu blog (as is 90% of what I write). One of the kids was craving the cappuccino chunky chocolate ice cream from Braum’s. There just happened to be a sale


Fast Food Breakfast Series: Chick-fil-A

We’ve had a segment called Fast Food Breakfast Series, where the older kids get to choose where to get breakfast. 90% of the time, they’ll choose a chain. So because

Arnett's Place

Stopping in Toronto, KS for Arnett’s Place

While in Toronto, KS, a friend and I decided to stop by a recently opened restaurant called Arnett’s Place. The restaurant’s owner used to work at various restaurants in Wichita, including

Pupuseria El Torogoz

First Look at Pupuseria El Torogoz

Wichita has another place in town for Salvadoran food with the arrival of Pupuseria El Torogoz. The new restaurant opened over the weekend and, similar to their competitors, they are open

Bakers Haus

First Look at Bakers Haus

As of this June, an ownership change took place at Bagel Haus. With that, a rebranding took place as they are now Bakers Haus. Much of what people loved at

Donut Palace

Visiting Donut Palace in Augusta, KS

One of the favorite donuts shops in Wichita is Donut Palace on north Broadway. Did you know before that, there was already one outside of town in Augusta, KS? If you

Lamar's Donuts

West side donut love at Lamar’s Donuts

If you’re in northwest Wichita, where do you go for donuts? I decided to drop by Lamar’s Donuts. Since they have other locations around town, I’m already quite familiar with their

First Mile Cantine

First Look at First Mile Cantine

The sister restaurant to First Mile Kitchen has opened at Fidelity’s RISE Car Park. First Mile Kitchen can be found on the ground level at the north end of the car

Shurley Concessions

First Look at Shurley Concessions

One of the new food trucks around town, mostly Valley Center, is Shurley Concessions. While they do make it out to Wichita, you’ll mostly find them out in our city neighbor