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Egg Cetera

Egg Cetera Revisited

Looking to meet for lunch with a friend, we decided on Egg Cetera. It’s a breakfast and brunch restaurant located smack-dab in the middle of Old Town. Open every day


Let’s Review Culver’s!

Let’s review Culver’s! The fast-food chain not found in Wichita specializes in frozen custard & signature burgers made with Midwest beef & dairy. Culver’s was founded in 1984 with the

Waffle House

Let’s Review Waffle House!

Let’s review Waffle House! The American breakfast and lunch restaurant chain was founded in Avondale Estates, Georgia all the way back in 1955. Today, there are over 1,900 locations in

Crispy Donuts

First Look at Crispy Donuts

A new donut shop called Crispy Donuts opened this month. This one took over the former Taco Tico building at 460 N. West St. I live in a family of donut lovers.