Category: Food Trucks

Abuelita's Cocina

First Look at Abuelita’s Cocina

A new food truck opened in the fall of 2022 and debuted at one of the Halloween events around Wichita. Abuelita’s Cocina serves street tacos, tortas, burritos, and quesadillas. ================= Facebook 316-768-7132

Gera's Street Tacos

First Look at Gera’s Street Tacos

Every drive down the street and see a food truck that’s new to you and decide to stop by even though you just had dinner? That’s what I did when

Andy Kay's Cookies

First Look at Andy Kay’s Cookie Camper

One of the cutest mobile food trailers has officially hit the streets of Wichita. Andy Kay’s Cookie Camper is a 1971 teardrop camper that was renovated to serve Andy Kay’s Cookies.

First Look at El Sonorense

I was driving home as dinner was ready. On my way, I passed by a food truck I’ve never seen before called El Sonorense. Then I was presented a dilemma: do

The Critical Cart

The Critical Cart Revisited

While at Central Standard Brewing, we were hungry and fortunately, they had some food trucks that afternoon. One food truck out that day was The Critical Cart. I haven’t been

Taqueria Tex-Mex

First Look at Taqueria Tex-Mex

A new truck has opened in West Wichita in front of J&D Wine and Liquor at 1337 N. Ridge Road. Taqueria Tex-Mex offers burritos, tacos, tortas, enchiladas and taquitos. They have different