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Dining by the Alphabet Casualty!!!

We’ve had our first Dining by the Alphabet casualty. No, it’s not an actual person. It’s one of the first 13 letters we’ve been to. (Yes I said 13 because


Quick Hits: 09/09/11

Well the weekend is upon us. As I woke up this Friday morning, there was only one thing I could think of….. Zoobilee. This will be like my fifth or

Need Suggestions for Letter M

This next letter should be a pretty tough one to decide. Letter M. I’m needing your help. Just browsing through the directory of restaurants, there’s a good number of M

New Feature: “Wichita’s Best Pizza”

Pizza. Its something Wichita has a lot of. Outside of your major chains like Domino’s, Pizza Hut and Papa John’s, we still have a ton of different places that Wichitans

Brief Hiatus

Attention blogger fans, we’ve received some e-mails wondering what’s the status? We are taking a brief hiatus from the site. I’m working on going through a complete rehauling of the

Suggestions Needed For Letter J

Letter J. Lot of great things started with the letter J. Joe Montana. Junkyard Dog. Julius Erving. Juicy Juice. and a pretty cool guy that’s pretty famous Jesus. But let’s

Happy Cinco De Mayo

Today is Cinco De Mayo. Allow me to let you in on a little secret. That means “fifth of May”. This is not a celebration of Mexico’s Independence Day contrary

Joyland Restoration Project

I’ve been hearing about Joyland Amusement Park back in the news lately so I decided to do a quick search on it to see the reason why. For those of