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Suggestions Needed For Letter H

After an average at best Letter G followed by an excellent special dining excursion, its time to focus on Letter H. A few places already off the list for this

Cable Television Competition In Wichita

Wichita cable television services are quite limited I think. I’m not sure what its like in the big cities but here in lowly Wichita I really think there’s only two

What Should Letter G Be?

Sometime a week from today we will be returning with Dining by the Alphabet. Hopefully we can find another winniner after enjoying Letter F’s Fat Tonys Grill and Sports Bar.


New York By E.B.

Well ladies and gentlemen, We will be taking a brief break from Wichita and making a one week stop to help root on the Shockers in New York City when


Getting Carded

[give_form id=”23213″ show_title=”true” show_goal=”false” show_content=”none” display_style=”button” continue_button_title=”Donate”] They have finally come in! Wichita By E.B. business cards! From here on out, every restaurant we stop by will receive one of


What Should Letter F Be?

What should letter F be? Its a question I ask myself on a daily basis. One of those worldly phenomenons that just may be answered next week. Just looking at


Overlooked Items of Appreciation

Sometimes, the smallest things can really make your dining experience a more enjoyable one. The little amenities that a place offers that can sometimes go overlooked. A Greeter. Admit it,

Bella Luna Cafe

Need Suggestions On Letter E!

Right now since I don’t own one of those cools yellow things people used to use back in the day to look up phone numbers, I use Urban Spoon to