Category: Mediterranean

Green Olive Revisited

There aren’t too many Mediterranean restaurants out west. With that, I wanted to revisit one I haven’t been to in a couple of years. On top of that, I wanted

Chebaro Mediterranean Grill Revisited

Let’s talk about another fabulous place you can get carryout from: Chebaro Mediterranean Grill. It’s a restaurant located inside the Jump Start gas station at 127th and Central. It’s super

First Look at The Rolling Greek

The latest addition to the growing fleet of Wichita food trucks is The Rolling Greek. They are the first Greek food-based truck. Some people may be familiar with the food as

Marrakech Cafe Revisited

My brother has never had Moroccan food before and I knew just the place to take him to: Marrakech Cafe. They have had a lunch buffet for years that allowed