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Nick The Greek

Checking out Nick The Greek

While in Olathe, we were looking for a place to grab dinner. It’s tough being a blogger sometimes because it seems like everybody expects me to make the decision on

Sol Food

Checking out Sol Food at ICT Veg Fest

A visit to this year’s ICT Veg Fest introduced me to Sol Food, they are a pop-up food vendor I’ve been eyeing on the internet and hoping to see out one

Blu Night Club

A night out at Blu Night Club

Do you have those old friends that when they are in town, you never know what will happen? A college buddy was in town visiting and we decided to go

Chick N Max

Chick N Max Revisited

OK. True story, Chick N Max has never been one of those places to overly excite me. I’ve been plenty of times, but for some reason, never had the sudden urge to