Barber of Seville

Barber of Seville
May 25-26, 7:30 PM

A young Count named Almaviva wants to marry a girl named Rosina, but her guardian, Dr. Bartolo, stands in the way. With the help of a clever barber named Figaro, Almaviva disguises himself and uses tricks to win Rosina’s heart while outwitting Bartolo.

In the end, true love triumphs as Almaviva reveals his true identity and Rosina’s affections are won. The opera is filled with comedic situations, mistaken identities, and catchy melodies, making it a lively and entertaining tale of love and cleverness.


May 25 2023


7:30 pm

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Century II
Century II Performing Arts Center, West Douglas Avenue, Wichita, KS, USA

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