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Quincy's Bar & Grill

Quincy’s Bar & Grill Revisited

It’s probably been 5-7 years since I last stepped foot inside Quincy’s Bar & Grill. The drinking hole on West Street used to be a place we would frequent occasionally. Funny

First Look at Douglas Social

People have noticed the bright neon signs for almost a year and wondering when Douglas Social would open. The time has come. The new neighborhood bar in the Douglas Design District at

Field House

What to expect at The Field House

The Field House Everybody has that bar that they call home. For me, there were three of them that I spent much of my college time at. Only one of

First Look at The Forge Bar & Grill

A new bar has opened in the former Sporting Casey’s Soccer Pub & Grill at 1110 E. Harry. Introducing The Forge Bar & Grill. The Forge is a full-on Gaming Tavern

An evening date at Vorshay’s Cocktail Lounge

While looking for somewhere to go before catching a show, we walked around downtown and spotted Vorshay’s Cocktail Lounge. It’s a sleek, intimate hangout right on Douglas that can make for

What to expect at the Shamrock Lounge

Shamrock Lounge If I asked if you’ve been inside Geselle’s Bar & Grill, most people would probably say no. But for many people, the answer is actually yes. Geselle’s was

What to expect at the Port of Wichita

Port of Wichita It’s probably been 15 years since I last stepped inside, but an event brought me back to visit the Port of Wichita. They are a bar located

What to expect at the Oasis Lounge

Oasis Lounge They’ve been at their current location since 1961. It’s a place many people frequent to play some quarter pool, enjoy a burger, hang out on the patio or