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What to expect at the Port of Wichita

Port of Wichita It’s probably been 15 years since I last stepped inside, but an event brought me back to visit the Port of Wichita. They are a bar located

What to expect at the Oasis Lounge

Oasis Lounge They’ve been at their current location since 1961. It’s a place many people frequent to play some quarter pool, enjoy a burger, hang out on the patio or

What to expect at The Cowboy Inn Saloon

The Cowboy Inn Saloon As mentioned in some previous blogs, I’m slowly trying to make it around Wichita checking out the local bar scene, especially the dives. I’m very much

A look inside Peerless

Peerless The motto “…it’s just a bar” fits the place so well. Peerless is just a bar located in downtown Wichita at 919 E. Douglas Avenue. The allure of Peerless lies

First Look at Jerry’s Bar & Grill

After closing in 2018, Jerry’s Bar & Grill opened for business earlier this month under new ownership. It’s a bar I have many fond memories and wanted to stop by to