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Little Busters

Little Busters Sports Bar Review

The goal to continue supporting local restaurants continued with a drive down to Derby, KS to get in on a wing special that caught my eye on social media. Little

A catered taco bar from Public

My friend had a surprise birthday party over the weekend. To celebrate, his wife set up a taco bar and had the back area of Public at the Brickyard reserved

What to expect at Lava & Tonic

Looking for a place to drink that’s different from a brewery or some of the regular bars in the downtown area? Lava & Tonic might be right up your alley. It’s

The Rusty Nail Revisited

Not too long ago a new bar opened on South Washington called The Rusty Nail. The first visit took place not too long after they opened. There were some highs

Tight Ends Sports Bar & Grill Review

It’s time to review the new sports bar & grill that has brought quite the stir to Wichita. Tight Ends Sports Bar & Grill is the new restaurant and bar

A&J’s Music Room Dollar Tacos Review

More dollar tacos can be had in Wichita. This time it’s at the karaoke bar called A&J’s Music Room near Meridian and Harry. =========== 1602 S Meridian Ave Wichita, KS