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First Look at Chicken Chicken

Over the years, it’s been Brown’s Wing World, Kandy’s Soul Food and most recently Just Simply Shonda on top of the many restaurants before that. The latest iteration is Chicken Chicken

Mil’s On Wheels Food Truck Review

A recent addition to the Wichita fleet of food trucks is Mil’s On Wheels Food Truck. They opened back in May and have a menu of soul food and comfort

Just Like Mama’s Kitchen Revisited

Last August, a soul food restaurant opened at 9th and Grove. I remember stopping by their soft opening which coincidentally took place during my brother’s birthday. We loved it out

Just Simply Shonda Review

Last November it was Brown’s Wing World; this spring it was Kandy’s Soul Food. This fall it’s Just Simply Shonda. It’s the newest soul food restaurant to open in the

Kandy’s Soul Food Review

Last time we stopped by it was Brown’s Wing World. Thanks to reader, Kevin Sevart, we were told it closed down and a new restaurant opened in its place. Just