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Winchell’s Doughnut House Review

While I don’t necessarily ever crave donuts, it’s rare I’ll ever turn one down. My girlfriend, on the other hand, loves them. If I suggest them, her typical response is,

College Hill Doughnut Co.

College Hill Doughnut Co. Review

Let’s face it, there is no shortage of doughnut shops in Wichita especially on the east side of town. The subject of our latest review may look familiar but it

Smarts Dougnut

Smarts Doughnut Review (CLOSED)

Update: Smart Doughnuts is now closed After trying to find a location and dealing with legal battles, Smarts Doughnut has finally arrived. They officially opened their doors last weekend at

Hurts Donut

First Look at Hurts Donut

Over at 7010 W 21st street, you would think it was Black Friday and big screen TV’s were being sold for $200. You’re wrong, donuts are being sold for about

Flying Donuts

Flying Donuts Review (CLOSED)

Closed: Flying Donuts is now College Hill Donuts. Since 2011, Flying Donuts have been on my way to work yet I’ve never made the effort to stop by for some