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Chilly Goat Shaved Ice Review

A new shaved ice stand recently opened in Wichita at 3151 N Rock Road called Chill Goat Shaved Ice. They originally started in Newton and while I was there, I

Gurty’s Burgers & Shakes Review

Burgers were a must for me when I drove out to Newton, KS for my day of dining. After reading back everyone’s suggestions, Gurty’s Burgers & Shakes came highly recommended.

Tacos Ana’s Food Truck Review

My day of dining took a random stop. While driving down Main Street, I saw a mobile trailer parked off in a lot. I have this twitch that every time

Genova Italian Restaurant Review

When asking for suggestions on where to eat, the most recommended restaurant was Genova Italian Restaurant. Driving into Newton, KS for my day of dining there, I had no real